Yes, you can do yoga

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“If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” I love this yoga quote- so simple and true. Yoga is ultimately the connection of body, breath, and mind, therefore, anyone can benefit from a yoga practice. The thing people get confused about is how the Western society views yoga, which mostly focuses on yoga postures and many believe you have to be flexible and stand on your head!

Yoga encompasses much more than just postures- meditation, breathing exercises (pranayama), self-control, purpose, awareness, chant, and the list goes on. So YES, anyone and everyone can and would benefit from doing yoga. Whether you are practicing just postures or just breathing exercises there are healing powers in all yoga provides if appropriately applied to you.

Personally, my yoga has changed from when I first started 5 years ago. It was a form of exercise and increased my flexibility. Now yoga enlightens me, calms my mind, and although I still get an exercise and still increase my flexibility, yoga has grown with me as I have grown with yoga. It has become MY yoga- adapted to me.

Yoga can be whatever you want it to be for yourself and regardless of age, body type, injury, fitness level or goals, yoga is a tool that can help anyone.

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